Other Important Night Clubs in the city are as follow:


It has out of the world environment, lounge type bar, fantastic dj music, large screen av entertainment, live gogo dancers that give you social company. Crazy Hours is the best place to unwind after a days work. Come Experience a Mumbai like Dance Bar ambience in Guangzhou China.

TIME : 8.00 PM – 4.00 AM
LOCATION : No. 8, Dongyue Hotel, Lujing Lu, Guangzhou, China. 广州越秀区麓景路8号东悦酒店
Website: www.crazyhoursclub.com

Metallic seating, cowhide couches, laser lights and boisterous American down home music make for an impossible to miss mood, as specialists talk with each different unaware of their surroundings – at any rate until the daily move demonstrate commences at 10.30pm. Day by day 8pm-3am.
LOCATION: 1/F, Guangdong IEC Tower, 403 Huanshi Dong Lu. (8732 3487)


One of the few clubs where cleverly conceptualized and individually unique KTV rooms actually justify the heady price. McCallan’s RMB 980. Unfortunately nothing’s happening in the adjacent bar, perhaps due to the so-so cocktails at RMB 45. Daily 8pm-2am.
LOCATION: 2/F Jian Li Bao Plaza, 410 Dongfeng Zhong Lu. (8348 6792, 8348 6592)

Inspired by the Philippines, this classy bar includes a relaxing mock-European lodge upstairs with a more Eastern interpretation of Western luxury downstairs in the form of white russians laced with whipped cream (RMB 40).
TIME: Daily 1-6pm, 7pm-2am
LOCATION: Overseas Chinese Village, 5 Heping Lu. (8359 4437, 8359 8367)

Unpredictably completed past downsized green with club in the inside. Go into move and stay out to chill (as a less than dependable rule really). Expenses are suspiciously elusive.
TIME: 9pm-2am.
LOCATOIN: North Gate of Yuexiu Park, Huanshi Zhong Lu
PHONE: 8666 6708

Shake your goods on the laser-energetic dancefloor. Brews RMB 200/dozen. Day by day.
TIME: 8pm-2am
LOCATION: 5/F, Liwan Plaza, Changshou Lu
PHONE: 8139 1118

Present day and idiosyncratic. Live shows and glass floors can give hours of amusement. Nearby and outside group radiate an agreeable karma helped by great costs. Lagers RMB 40 for four.
TIME: 9am-2am
LOCATION: Jinyi Tower, 248 Hengfu Lu
PHONE: 8358 5115

DMS targets close-by masters and specialists with its mix of American pop and progressed complex topic. Some individual with an inventive touch obviously affected the arrangement of this cool club. Blends are sensibly assessed around RMB 30-40 for each container. Distinctive refreshments run RMB 20-40. Make an effort not to miss the live move shows up on finishes of the week at this hip new setting.
TIME: 8.30pm-2am
LOCATION: 34 Shuiyin Heng Lu, Tianhe
PHONE: 8704 7289

Somebody with some genuine money made this tasteful club. The Mansion is fittingly named – a private habitation like space that can be leased for private gatherings. The three stories have particular characters, every level with an alternate topic. The main floor is a smaller than normal club with a yard that leads out to the garden. The second-floor boudoir with VIP room (RMB 1,800) contains an informal lodging moving spot, for more cozy experiences. The third floor is a craftsmanship exhibition that likewise highlights an extremely inartistic projection TV. Gone to the house to get away from the limits of your grimy condo. Broad wine list, brew RMB 48, mixed drinks RMB 68-80.
TIME: 3pm-2am
LOCATION: 11 Xinqing Lu, close Ba Yi Middle School
PHONE: 8761 9950

Genuinely substantial first-floor club with classy inside and lighting. The seating is sufficient around the bar and in the darker breaks. Music ranges from delicate shake to hard house, contingent upon the time. Drinks accessible from around RMB 30 for a neighborhood lager and twelve for RMB 260.
TIME: 7.30pm-3am
LOCATION: 61 Yanjiang Xi Lu
PHONE: 8101 3989

What appears like a tasteful club all things considered, finish with stone wellspring and Victorian stop seats, disillusions within. The bar zone feels more like a surgery and it should be on account of business is typically dead. Karaoke rooms keep running from RMB 480-1,680. Tsing Tao, Bud and Heineken at RMB 45 a pop or RMB 300 twelve.
TIME: 8.30pm-2am
LOCATION: 1/F, Building A, Taojin Garden, 98 Hengfu Lu
PHONE: 8349 2503

With more than 100 rooms furnished with first class video and sound gear, Party World is a KTV mecca. Elevators in the lodging like anteroom whisk supporters up to the second and third floors which each have an open smorgasbord. Administration is perfect. Crest Fri and Sat night costs keep running at a strong RMB 175/hour for a little room and RMB 245/hour for huge gatherings. Make certain to book ahead of time.
TIME: 7am-2am
LOCATION: 1/F, Huihua Commercial Plaza, 80 Xianlie Zhong Lu
PHONE: 3761 9333

A genuine “Welcome to Q-Club!” is sitting tight for you. The lady significantly pulls back the window ornament to uncover a slick and interesting little club. The ground-floor bar holds capable jug whirling mixed drink creators. VIP rooms and ‘Japanese-style’ drinking territories on the second floor. Indeed, even the restroom is a la mode and certainly justified regardless of a visit. Packaged Corona and different lagers from RMB 20.
TIME: 9pm-2am
LOCATION: Unit F88A, 183 Yanjiang Xi Lu
PHONE: 8339 2119 

Nothing unmistakable to the extent exhibitions or stylistic theme, yet it holds a smoky club vibe that keeps regulars coming. Lagers and mixed drinks begin at RMB 38.
TIME: 7.30pm-2am
LOCATION: 3/F, Xin Zhong Yuan Bldg, 313 Yanjiang Zhong Lu
PHONE: 8365 3156, 8365 3155

Long-standing individual from the Heping Lu swarm is as yet going solid. The club is faintly lit with a la mode touches. Bassy move tunes fill the ground floor while upstairs is a more encompassing issue. Live band performing daily from 10.30pm. Drinks begin from around RMB 30, with a wide assortment accessible.
TIME: 7.30pm-2am
LOCATION: Abroad Chinese Village, 4 Heping Lu
PHONE: 8357 5833, 8357 8406

Reliable pop move hits and awesome administration make this a prominent place to move and drink. Live artists take your solicitations upstairs. Mixed drinks RMB 35. Brew RMB 30.
TIME: 7pm-2am
LOCATION: 6 Heping Lu, Overseas Chinese Village, Huanshi Dong Lu, close Holiday Inn
PHONE: 8349 4568


Amigo is a dance club where to appreciate unrecorded music and watch the riverside-young ladies cruising by. Amigo has a French bar on the principal floor and a V-formed eatery on the second floor. Finished with seats, whips, western verifiable artworks, Amigo is presumed as the bar to inspire your enthusiasm.
TIME: 7:00pm – 4:00am
LOCATION: B03, Bai E Tan Lu, Fangcun District, Guangzhou
PHONE: 86-20-8155 8173

Tang Club is a place which will clearly request nightlife addicts. It highlights Chinese style stylistic layout and live band execution. The group here is a blend of expats and nearby in vogue youthful folks.
TIME: 3:30pm – 2:00am
LOCATION: No. 1, Jianshe Liu Malu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou
PHONE: 86-20-8384 1638

Bound Club is one of the best in vogue and savvy clubs nearby for nonnatives. It includes a move floor stuffed with a delighted group and techno music amid end of the week evenings.
TIME: 8:00pm – 3:00am
LOCATION: 183 Yanjiang Xilu, Yuexiu Disctrict, Guangzhou
PHONE: 86-20-8333 2223

This club plays good music sometimes and not so good sometimes. You can give it a try.
LOCATION: In zhu jiang xin cheng (zhu jiang new town) 广州市津滨腾大夏首层珠江新城华夏路49号

A hip hop club with all kinds of songs played. Crowd is always happening, people from different nations and local Chinese as well love this place. Inside an old beer factory and facing the river this might be your place to rock.

LOCATION: 海珠区,阅江西路,磨碟沙隧道口,珠江啤酒厂琶醍艺术创意B区 25,26 ( get a cab)


 This is an amazing new Club. People claim that this club got the best music in the city.
Location: 海珠区,阅江西路,磨碟沙隧道口,珠江啤酒厂琶醍艺术创意B区 Near to SUNS club.
If you just want to have a good bar to hang out with friends these followings are the good options to visit
The Brew and The Tavern, a good place to chill out
LOCATED in 09-11 Poly 108 No6 Hua Jiu Lu zhu jiang new town, 华就路 珠江新城

It has a wide range of songs from techno to RnB. It is a great place with a lot of young people hanging at one place. TRUE COLOURS got some really lovely environment.
LOCATION: Yang jiang zhong lu (广州市越秀区沿江中路276号), right beside the river.

HEI HEI (喜喜)
It is a great RnB club. The crowd is always amazing here. One of the best in town. One can find equally mix of foreigners and locals at this club.
LOCATION: Haizhu guangchang ( 海珠广场, very near to Haizhu square subway station exit D