Guangzhou Airport (Baiyun) China

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the main airport of Guangzhou, the capital of the province of Guangdong, People’s Republic of China. The airport is the main hub of China Southern Airlines and a focus city for Shenzhen Airlines. The new airport opened on August 5, 2004, replacing the 72-year-old previous, identically named Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport (now closed). The new airport is 28 kilometers from downtown Guangzhou.

Introduction of Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is one of the three major international hub airports in China, which is one of the busiest airports in Asia and even all over the world. Till September 2016,route network of Baiyun Airport has covered 216 destinations all over the world (131 domestic destinations and 85 international and regional destinations). It reaches 43 countries and regions; 70 airlines operate in Baiyun Airport, including 45 foreign airlines and regional companies.

Since new Baiyun Airport was enabled on August 5, 2004, its business was rapidly developed. It ranked No. 7 in 2010 ACI (international airport association) global airport passenger satisfaction evaluation, and it was promoted as ‘world top ten airports with the best services’. Annual passenger throughput was 55.21 million person-times in 2015, which was listed into world super-large busy airports.

Unique advantages

Baiyun International Airport is located in Guangzhou. Guangzhou is the largest import and export port in South China and important transport hub. It has natural network advantages of covering Southeast Asia, connecting Europe, America and Australia, and radiating all major cities in China with its advantageous geographical location and structured land, sea and air transportation system. You can reach more than 20 cities and regions Asia Pacific within 6 hours after flying from Baiyun Airport.
Baiyun Airport will further become a transportation center and transfer hub integrating various traffic modes such as high-speed railway, subway, inter-city rail and highway in the future. Effective linkage among Pan-Pearl River Delta, cities of Pearl River Delta and Baiyun Airport can be realized. It will play a larger role in new round of open-up major layout such as national “One Belt And One Road”, etc. with Guangzhou Port and Nansha Free Trade Zone.

Expansion project

Baiyun Airport expansion project was formally started in August 2012. Construction projects include the third runway and taxing system, T2 terminal, station site and air traffic control, oil supply and other supporting facilities. The third runway has been put into operation on February 5, 2015, T2 terminal will be completed in 2018. Then, Baiyun Airport can meet the operation demand of annual take-off and landing of 620 thousand flights, 80 million passenger person-times and 2.5 million tons of goods delivery.
Expansion project construction will further satisfy increasing air transport demand in Pearl River Delta and South China, thereby accelerating to promote construction of Baiyun Airport into world-class air traffic hub.

Address: Baiyun Renhe Town, Guangzhou, China
Phone: +86 20 3606 6999
Airport Code: CAN

City Buses

Line No. 1, after 23:00, it passes by Civil Aviation Guangzhou Hospital ( Kongbei junction, Xinshi)-Airport Road overpass( Yuncheng Road west junction)- Sanyuanli Guangzhou university of traditional medicine (Airport Road)- North Liberation Road (Guihua Gang)-Civil Aviation ticket office (Railway station), operating till the flights is over.

Line No. 2, after 23:00, it passes by Garden Hotel-Huanshi East Road (The opposite of the south gate of the zoo)- Tianhe Road ( Teem plaza Square)-Tianhe computer town-The bus station of Jinan University- West Zhongshan Avenue (Guangyun Building), operating till the flights is over.

Line No. 3, after 23:00, it passes by Nanan Road ( Ligangnanwan)- Huangsha Avenue (Huangsha Aquatic products)-Middle Jiangnan Road ( Seamen’s Hotel)- Changang Middle Road (Rosedale Hotel)- Fangcun coach terminal, operating till 1:00 am.

Line No. 4, after 23:00, it passes by Yunlai Hotel ( Huangshi overpass gas station)- South Baiyun Avenue ( The opposite of Guangzhou University of language studies)-  The Guangzhou Gymnasium ( Blue sky Garden)- Guangyuan East road (Jingui petroleum station)- Shahe Street junction- Huijing new city-Wakingtown Hotel- Huangpu Yigang Garden- Wenchong Shipbuilding Company- The development zone Pearl Hotel, operating till 1:00 am.


Bus stop

Airport Express Line1

Civil Aviation Guangzhou Hospital, Airport Road overpass,  Sanyuanli Guangzhou university of traditional medicine , Civil Aviation ticket office (Railway station)

Airport Express
Line 2

Garden Hotel、Crowne Plaza City Centre Guangzhou、Huaqiao New Village、The south gate of the zoo, Teem plaza square, Tianhe Huashiyuehai Hotel

Airport Express
Line 3

United star hotel、Fangcun coach terminal, Rosedale Hotel,  Liri Business plaza

Airport Express
Line 4

Huijing New City, Huajindun Hotel, Royal Hotel, Yigang Garden, Wenchong Shipbuilding Company, Pearl Hotel, Guangdong University of Language studies, Guangdong polytechnic of science and Technology

Airport Express
Line 5

Suijing Building, 、Jinzhou Business Hotel (Near Dongfang Hotel), Hilbin Hotel

Airport Express
Line 6

Zhongxin Square, Grandview Mall

Airport Express
Line 7

Vanguard Hotel, White Palace Hote, Aoyuan Golf Hotel

Airport Express
Line 8

Country Garden Phoenix City, Suncity Hotel, Hotel Landmark Canton、Crowne Plaza Guangzhou Science City

Airport Express
Line 9

Grand Peak Hotel, Southern Airlines Garden, Henry Business Hotel, Huadu Square

Airport Express
Line 10

Pazhou Conference Hotel, ZhujiangDijing, New Pearl River International Hotel, Guangzhou textile trading Park

Intra City Buses

To service passengers out of Guangzhou city, GIBA provides intra city bus service. The buses will take up passengers from/to Dongguan, Foshan, Zhongshan, Huizhou, Jiangmen, Nanhai, Qingyuan, Shenzhen, Shunde, Taishan, Yunfu, Zhaoqing, Zhuhai and Wuzhou(Guangxi Province).
Interval: Every 1 hour



Dongguan Line



Foshan Line

Zhongshan Line



Huizhou Line


Jiangmen Line


Nanhai Line


Qingyuan Line


Shenzhen Line


Shunde Line



Taishan Line


Yunfu Line


Zhaoqing Line


Zhuhai Line


Wuzhou Line


Zengcheng Line


Heyuan Line



Guangzhou Metro Line 3 starts from Tiyu Xi Road in Tianhe District, passes by LinheXi, Guangzhou East Railway Station and so on, finally arrives GBIA. By Line 3, passengers can get to central city – Tianhe District, or transfer Line 2 to Guangzhou South Railway Station for Wuhan – Guangzhou high speed railway or Guangzhou – Zhuhai and other intra city railway.

Metro Line3 (To GBIA) Information

Direction First Train Last Train
Station Tiyu Xilu Station Airport South Station Tiyu Xilu Station Airport South Station Jiahewanggang Station
Tiyu Xilu Station 6:10 23:00 23:30
Linhexi Station(APM) 6:12 6:12 23:32 23:01 23:31
Guangzhou East Railway Station 6:10 6:15 23:30 23:03 23:33
Yantang Station 6:20 6:17 23:28 23:05 23:35
Meihuayuan Station 6:17 6:20 23:26 23:08 23:38
Jingxi Nanfang Hospital Station 6:15 6:14 23:24 23:10 23:40
Tonghe Station 6:19 6:16 23:22 23:12 23:42
Yongtai Station 6:15 6:20 23:19 23:15 23:44
Baiyundadaobei Station 6:13 6:22 23:16 23:17 23:46
Jiahewanggang Station 6:10 6:10 23:13 23:20
Longgui Station 6:20 6:15 23:08 23:24
Renhe Station 6:16 6:20 23:05 23:27
Airport South Station 6:10 23:00


Segment Week Peak Period Interval
Airport South~Tiyuxi Monday~Sunday Normal 6:10~23:00 7 minutes and 30 seconds


1.The indication of Taxi Pick-Up Point

There are taxi pick-up points on both A and B arrival areas, the taxi pack-up point of A arrival is set outside the gate of A8, the taxi pack-up point of B arrival is set outside the gate of B6, and passengers should go to the taxi pick-up point of corresponding arrival area and queue for taxi. The taxi pick-up points of B arrival will be adjusted and increase to two, they are Gate B3 and Gate B8 pick-up points, passengers can choose the nearest one then.

2.The taxi charge standard in Guangzhou

Basic mileage 2.5 km Flag fall 10 yuan
Renewal mileage >2.5 km Renewal price 2.6 yuan/ km
Renewal mileage >35 km Renewal price 3.9 yuan / km
Basic mileage 2.5 km Flag fall 10 yuan
Renewal mileage >2.5 km Renewal price 2.6 yuan/ km
Renewal mileage >35 km Renewal price 3.9 yuan / km

The taxi charge standard in Guangzhou:Flag fall in Guangzhou is 10 yuan, the basic mileages are 2.5 km, the renewal price is 2.6 yuan per kilometer, if the mileages surpass 35km when pick up passengers, there will be an extra 50% fee automatically as the empty driving fee, the passenger should pay for the pontage during hitching.

3.The distance reference table of taxi pick-up in airport

Destination Estimated mileage(Kilometer) Estimated fee(Yuan)
Guangzhou Railway station 32 100
Guangzhou east railway station 40 130
Guangzhou South railway station 60 210
Guangzhou North railway station 18 55
Passengers transport station of Guangzhou 35 110
Passengers transport station of Guangzhou 35 110
Guangzhou Tianhe Bus station 37 120
Guangzhou Guangyuan  Bus station 32 100
Guangzhou Pazhou International Exhibition Center 45 160
Tianhe Sports Center 40 130

(The table contents are for reference only,  exact price will be based on the latest meters)

4.The taxi pick-up indication

In airport area, taxis are regulated uniformly, it is forbidden to use calling app to book taxi.
Take care of your carry-on luggage, obey the order of pick-up point and queue consciously
Please ask for the invoice from taxi driver.
Inflammables and explosives strictly or the substances defiling taxis are prohibited.
Please report immediately if you meet the ones that refusing pick-up passengers and ask for extra charges.